We will help you in a complex  adaptation and print of packaging designs.

Whether you are looking for a global artwork adaptation that has to be developed into a whole range of SKUs or you need a structural packaging design of promotional sets, you've found the right place. We offer:

  • comprehensive packaging solutions – graphic and text adaptation
  • packaging range development and adjustment to a specific need
  • prepress for any printing method (flexo, roto, offset, others)
  • structural packaging design
  • design of promotional sets, e.g. boxes and plastic inserts
  • mock-ups and start packs for sales force
  • artistic supervision and support of a higly skilled team of designers and constructors
  • production supervision
  • delivery to copackers
  • global coordination and logistics


Design and prepress

  • The whole process is supervised by our team of designers, project developers, project coordinators and reliable collaborators. They are the best professionals on the market with a thorough knowledge of the industry and extensive experience in developing up to several hundred SKUs within one range.
  • Design and prepress – the first step of the process takes place in the Creative Design Department where artworks designs and global artworks adaptations are developed. This is where all the structural job on plastic and paper inserts takes place. If there is a need of a photo session, we can use our own photo studio.
  • The project approval is carried out online, with the exclusive Proof HQ tool.
  • Approved artworks go to our Prepress studio where they are prepared for production.


  • We know how important for the Sales Department is to have mock-ups months before the sales start. That is why we are able to print preseries for the sales force just after the approval of designs.
  • An initial series is created on a dedicated production line to assure its highest quality.


  • From this stage on, the project is run by the Production Department. The production takes place at carefully selected and time-tested printing houses and plastic insert manufacturers.
  • Depending on clients' expectations, we offer either thorough print supervision or just support. With our expertise, we can discuss all the technical details with the printing houses, thus ensuring full control at each stage of the production.


  • Our proven partners can provide you with high quality copacking services, if needed.


You might think that sending a truck to some place in Europe is not a big thing, but when there are hundreds of trucks to be sent to particular places at particular time, it becomes a bit complicated.

We coordinate deliveries of sets and all other components to copackers.

To streamline the process, we have created a CRM software application tailor-made for this kind of projects:

CRM was created to:

  • optimize and simplify coordination of the project;
  • ensure clear and easy way of monitoring each level of sets production;
  • ensure control and correct order processing;
  • give access to all materials, visuals and art works of sets.

Please note that it is an absolutely unique program developed by people who have worked with Brandset's projects for years. That is why it is so practical.

Why us

  • exceptional expertise supported with numbers: 12 years of running this type of projects for global brands, almost 30 million packagings produced, with up to 3 million of 150 different products a year
  • massive experience gained from working for food brands such as Kamis/McCormick and Krüger, cosmetics brands such as Adidas, Playboy, Halle Berry, Lamborghini, Celine Dion, David Beckham, Pret a Porter, Astor, Maybelline
  • packaging adaptations carried out to the following markets: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Spain, France, Canada, Austria, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, and many more
  • tools: unique CRM created by Brandset – a tailor made software application that ensures control and coordination at each level and gives global access to the materials and artworks
  • full responsibility for each stage of the project

Our work