About us

We are a design agency with long experience and considerable achievements. The four domains of our activity are: creating packaging (structure and graphics), naming (coining products and services names),
 visual identification and brand standardization, and designing brand marks. Four works out one. A paradox? On the contrary 
– full potential. The figures speak for themselves:
 a dozen or so years in the 
business, hundreds of packagings designed and millions produced.

How we work

The shape of package is plotted by the hand. But it is conceived in the head. Packagings, logotypes and names which effectively sell the product always result from an accurate strategy. 
That is why before we set to designing, quite a lot of work must be done by our strategic department. The conclusions from their analyses are used by the designers who also benefit from their own long experience in the process of interpreting the strategic idea. This is the way that the highest quality visual of the brand is created.